Next Leaders’ Summit Africa 2019

Next Leaders’ Summit Africa 2019, April 11-12 in Lagos

Africa has a long list of socio-economic challenges hampering development and sustainability – with poverty and inequality to malaria and Ebola, from unemployment and migration to corruption and lack of essential infrastructures.

But there is a new breed of social entrepreneurs who have given themselves a mandate to rid the continent of these problems and put the continent on a path of development and sustainability.

NELIS organizes Next Leaders’ Summit Africa in Lagos, Nigeria in April 2019 with the theme: “Connecting for change: Transforming Africa for Better “.

The summit is a gathering of Africa’s social entrepreneurs and key players to learn and share on the latest of social entrepreneurship trends, on the skills needed to make social change happen on a broad scale, and to make new connections to collaborate for greater positive change on the continent.

So lets act now and be a part of this gathering (Next Leaders’ Africa 2019 Summit). Registration is free, Click on the link below to register:

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