NELIS Side event at World Circular Economy Forum

June 7th, 2017 (12:00-17:00)

Decision-makers echo in a common voice the need for “next generation leadership” with the willingness to make decisions on the basis of sustainability. Yet, little or not enough is done to sharpen a talent pool ready to ride the numerous opportunities and tackle the wicked challenges the circular economy brings along. This afternoon’s curated gathering of practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs will allow them to dissect and deep dive into a topic that keeps most CEOs awake at night.



Organiser: NELIS Nordics
Time: 12-17 hrs. (lunch & refreshments provided)
Location: HUB13, Kaisaniemenkatu 13, 00100 Helsinki
Registration: Click on the below link to be one of the 20 participants of this exclusive NELIS Side event.

Next Generation Leadership in the Circular Economy