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Our mission is toCONNECT, INSPIRE and EMPOWER

How to join NELIS as an individual

If you are involved in social and environmental activities - a sustainability practitioner - and would like to be part of a global community of actors, please send us an email and tell us a little about yourself. If you are lucky there is a local chapter near where you live, fine. If not, you can join our online network and, who knows, perhaps set up a NELIS chapter in your region one day.

To join NELIS, mail: | Contact: Co-founder, Peter David Pedersen

How to start a new chapter

Between June 2017 - May 2018, NELIS is in a prototyping phase where we are testing different approaches to local chapter activities. If you are interested in exploring a local chapter in your region, send us an email and we can start the discussion. Below is an outline of what it means to set up a local chapter. Email:

At present, local chapter activities are being explored in Japan, China, South Korea, India, Mauritius, Nigeria, the Nordics, Brazil and Colombia.

Starting a Local NELIS Chapter

By connecting, inspiring and empowering young social innovators/sustainability practitioners/change makers across the world, NELIS will help enable each of them develop personally and professionally (strengthening their capabilities as leaders in society) and stimulate transformative change towards sustainability both in each local context, and as a global collaborative platform.

NELIS carries out its activities across the world through local NELIS Chapters.

Local NELIS Chapters are part of the NELIS Global Network. The Local Chapter effort starts at the community level with an aim to be locally rooted/globally interconnected. Local Chapters are autonomous, but based on a globally shared vision and mission.

Local Chapters have access to common resources of the NELIS Global Network, such as a common IT platform, a brand book including visual identity guidelines, support of initial expenses in the prototyping and other resources developed globally.

NELIS Global provides the administrative support that helps Local Chapters flourish, but does not in the prototyping phase have full time staff (pro-bono work at present).

Networks within networks calling upon a larger entity/the global network when needed

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Getting Started:Why Local Chapters?

You might ask, “What precisely does a Local NELIS Chapter do?”

First of all, the Local Chapter aims to connect, inspire and empower local sustainability practitioners/social innovators/change makers to build a strong, trust-based community of and for action. This the first and key action of a local chapter.

Through this local network, a variety of projects and activities can be pursued, depending primarily on the interests of local members and the perceived sustainability challenges in the local context. The local network can also participate in and/or propose regional or global projects.

There are four categories of activities in the prototyping phase NELIS will pursue as a local 2 global collaborative platform.

  • NELIS I-labs
  • Local NELIS Summits/Gatherings
  • Local or Global Collaborative Projects
  • Annual Global Gathering / Next Leaders’ Summit