NELIS Summits are exciting and inspiring events where different stakeholders within the NELIS ecosystem get together, connect, and share their diverse experiences in relation to some of the most relevant themes in sustainability. For two or three days in a row, NELIS members, volunteers, social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs from our ally organizations, students, and sustainability practitioners from all walks of life immerse themselves in an empowering and eye-opening experience marked from beginning to end with the NELIS ethos.


Although NELIS had been cooking in its co-founders’ hearts and heads for several years, it first came to life in the Global Summit held in Shiga (Japan) in 2015. Since 2017 Global Summits have been held annually somewhere in Japan, and although they had gradually become a wonderful space for beautiful encounters and triggering co-creative and transformative projects, this year’s Global Summit (end of October, 2020) will be the first one to be held in an exciting and interactive online format.

Regional summits started taking place in 2019. They share the spirit and vibe of the Global version while focusing on local sustainability-related challenges and stakeholders. So far, Helsinki, Lagos, and Singapore have been the hosts of the first European, African, and Asian NELIS Regional Summits respectively. A first NELIS American Regional summit will take place in Cajamarca (Colombia) in 2021 and we expect other regional summits to continue sprouting all around the world.


Next Leaders’ Africa Summit (Virtual) 2020

Global Summit 2020 TOKYO, JAPAN

American Summit 2020 CAJAMARCA, COLOMBIA

we have a whole future ahead

African Summit 2019 LAGOS, NIGERIA

Global Summit 2018 TOKYO, JAPAN

Global Summit 2015 SHIGA, JAPAN

Asian Summit 2019 SINGAPORE

European Summit 2019 HELSINKI, FINLAND

Global Summit 2017 KYOTO, JAPAN

2015 nelis beginning