How can I join Nelis?





If you are involved or interested in social and environmental activities -a sustainability practitioner, social entrepreneur, committed intrapreneur, student or social and sustainability enthusiast- and would like to be part of a global community of actors, we encourage you to become a Nelis Member!

What does being a MEMBER mean?

We offer you two kinds of memberships

Digital Membership (for free)

Being a digital member gives you access to:

  • Monthly mail newsletter
  • Information on key events (Global and Regional Summits, Local Chapters’ main activities, etc.)
Full personal membership (annual fee)

Having a Full personal membership gives you access to:

  • Monthly mail newsletter
  • Participation in Nelis events worldwide
  • Access to all Micro Trainings in the Next Leaders' University (NLU)
  • Opportunity to showcase your contributions and skills on the NELIS member's Global Directory (from November 2020 onwards)
  • Participation in NELIS Slack, where you can communicate with every Nelis member around the world.
  • Use of NELIS name card / "Nelis member" (printing cost not included)
  • Opportunity Transfer: thanks to our “sustainability ecosystem”, being a Nelis member gives you the possibility to connect and get involved with organizations, networks, events, projects, courses and job opportunities, among others.
Annual Fee

To subscribe to the annual NELIS Full personal membership,
please select one of the tier options below

Students & low-income: USD 20 - 50
(You choose according to the country where you live)

Independent professionals: USD 100 - 150
(You choose according to your current income and/or the country where you live)

Executives: USD 200
(Feel free to pay more if you want to support the network)

The fees for the course are structured in three tiers, a structure that has been created in order to allow as many people as possible to subscribe, independent of their current incomes.


If you are a corporation or organization - non-profits, universities, schools, media, local governments – you can have access to our products and services which will foster and reinforce sustainability values in your team, projects and methodo-logies.

What do we offer?

(4 Revolutions) is a unique, co-creative ecosystem linking social innovators worldwide to sponsor corporations, that aims to help humanity solve its four main survival challenges (food; water; resource; energy & climate change) in one generation – between 2020 - 2050.

The 4Revs Global Team will engage young social innovators, sustainability practitioners, and creative minds on all six continents to uncover the most revolutionary, inspiring, next-generation business and lifestyle initiatives relating to the 4Revs. To join 4Revs you should do it as a corporation/organization (an annual fee applies).

Why join 4Revs?
  • Access to research project database / final report (March 2021) / information on and/or contact links to people/organizations behind initiatives.
  • Participation in four 4Revs research gatherings, workshops, and Report launch meeting, March 2021 (in Tokyo w. global streaming).
  • Participate in the 4Revs Global summit (October 29 - 31 2020 in Tokyo) which is a networking opportunity with social innovators and sustainability practitioners from six continents + with participants from other 4Revs sponsor corporations.
  • Continuous access to relevant intelligence (recent and important scientific data and reports) and information on the most important international events and conferences relating to the 4Revs.
  • Access to the sustainability members’ directory where you can find sustainability practitioners all over the world.

More information

NLU: Next Leaders’ University (NLU) is a “local2global” sustainability learning platform designed, developed, and delivered by local sustainability practitioners and social innovators worldwide.

During year 1 (April 2020 - March 2021), NLU will provide around 30+ micro training videos (in English) on key sustainability topics. This training material is built by practitioners in the NELIS network and new courses will be added each year. Additionally, NLU will also provide regular webinars on various sustainability-related topics (June 2020 onwards), and the opportunity to customize in-depth and specific learning modules according to the specific needs of each organization (extra fee-based).

4Revs sponsors companies will automatically get a license to utilize these learning modules for in-house training. Each year, additional micro training videos will be added. 4Revs sponsors companies will also have access to Nelis’ sustainability members’ directory where you can find sustainability practitioners all over the world.

NLU platform

Want to help but you don’t know how?

You can support us through donations. These will be directed to:

  • Support specific NELIS projects.
  • Give scholarships to sustainability enthusiasts all around the world.
You can donate in two different ways

By joining our monthly donation program where you can select an amount and a time period, and give a periodical donation.

This will give you access to:

  • Monthly mail newsletter
  • Information on key events (Global and Regional Summits, Local Chapters’ main activities, etc.)
  • Updates about the specific destination of the donations
  • Donation certificate

By supporting our crowdfunding campaign!


If you are interested in being part of a global community of actors by contributing from your knowledge and strengths, you can join as a volunteer in the nearest Local Chapter and/or in our global online workflow.

There is no local chapter near you?

You can form a group of hard workers motivated people and form your Local Chapter! And/or become a Nelis Digital or Full Member

Just drop us a line!

Let’s do it!

Join or create a new Local Chapter

If you have interest in setting up or joining a local Chapter in your country or community, please complete de the form below.

NELIS Local Chapters are part of the NELIS Global Network. The Local Chapter effort starts at the community level with an aim to be locally rooted/globally interconnected. Although autonomous, NELIS Local Chapters are based on a globally shared vision and mission.

Local Chapters have access to common resources of the NELIS Global Network, such as a common IT platform, a brand book including visual identity guidelines, administrative support in the prototyping phase, and other resources developed globally

By completing the information below, you will be taking the first step to becoming a member or starting your own NELIS Chapter. We will use this information to connect you with a Chapter that is near to you or talk to you about how you can start your own Chapter

Let’s do it!